Sonic drill rig strengthens Lankelma’s nearshore marine services

8th November, 2019

Sonic drill rig strengthens Lankelma’s nearshore marine services


Our new  CompactRotoSonic XL-Duo rig, enables us to carry out both sonic drilling or Geobor-S drilling from Sandpiper, our C-5 jack-up platform, strengthening our nearshore marine services capability.

The has a dual drill head, enabling it to switch between both techniques.

Sonic drilling uses rotation and vibrations to liquefy a narrow zone of soil and cuttings around the drill string and bit, reducing friction and making it faster and easier to drill through a wide range of soil and rock. The reduction in friction also makes it easier to withdraw the drill string on completion of the borehole, even in difficult ground.

While compatible with mud or air flush, water can be used (and in some cases no flush at all), making the technique ideal for environmentally-sensitive sites.

Sonic drilling maintains the verticality of the borehole, enabling long and continuous samples to be taken. The rig is also fitted with a SPT hammer with a blow count meter on control panel.

Visit our nearshore marine services page to find out how we can help you gather high quality geotechnical and geoenvironmental data from your nearshore investigations.

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