About CPT

What is CPT?

The cone penetration test (CPT), a non-destructive in-situ method, is a reliable means to assess soil conditions and guide foundation design decisions. By penetrating the ground with a conical tip, the CPT simultaneously measures static cone resistance and sleeve friction, providing valuable data on soil type, stratification, and mechanical properties.

The CPT’s rapid execution, minimal site disturbance, and real-time data acquisition enable comprehensive soil profiling and informed foundation design.


CPT is fast and efficient.

It’s also quiet, with minimal site disturbance and no arisings. It gives detailed, high-precision, repeatable results.

The benefits of CPT are:

  • Fast and efficient data gathering and handling
  • Quiet with no vibrations, minimal site disturbance and no arisings
  • High-resolution site characterisation from precise and repeatable measurements
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Identification of soil type: soil behaviour grouping based on detailed and repeatable classification
  • Best all-round in-situ test for reliability of geotechnical parameters

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