Nearshore Marine Services

Nearshore CPT rigs

Wison-APB wireline deployable CPT system

The advantage of a wireline CPT system over the traditional top push system is the capacity for greater production at locations where multiple drill-outs are required.

Used in conjunction with Lankelma’s CRS XL Dual Sonic and Rotary drill rig or Dando 9000 Rotary Drill Rig, this system has proven performance, delivering excellent data and samples, while optimising operational times in the field.

  • 90mm downhole wireline tool utilising hydraulic pressure to provide a 1m or 3m CPT push (20mm/sec) or provide a good quality Shelby sample
  • Self-tensioning remote-controlled winch, power pack, mast and sheave block
  • Lowered through the drill string and latched into place at the base of the borehole
  • Both 5cm2 and 10cm2 piezocones can be used to produce a maximum 100 mPa of tip resistance
  • Works in conjunction with CRS XL Dual Sonic and Rotary drill rig or Dando 9000 rotary drill rig

Top-Push CPT rams

  • 20 tonne ram capacity
  • Fully self-contained
  • Dedicated hydraulic power pack, generator and logging system, or can be plumbed into the vessel’s hydraulic system
  • Flexible anchorage, including mounting to a static plant, vessel or being beam mounted

Roson 50kN Wheeldrive

  • Compact and lightweight design - suitable for deployment from a small vessel
  • High-quality and reliable data
  • 1500m depth rating

Seabed CPT Hyson

Very light seabed CPT frame for the top layer of soft alluvial soils where bigger frames would settle.

  • 1T weight
  • Can push up to 1.7m with a 5cm2 cone

Other Nearshore Marine Units

Sandpiper C-5 Jack-up

Sandpiper C-5 Jack-up

Lankelma’s C-5 Jack-Up Platform Sandpiper allows geotechnical drilling, borehole investigation and CPT testing in waters up to 15m depth (or deeper with leg extensions).

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Nearshore drill rigs

Nearshore drill rigs

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